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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just a note

This will be short.  Today I'm running a bit behind.  Behind schedule, if I ever have one that is.

I've started having lunches M-F at the Lakeview Senior Center.  Have met some nice seniors and eaten at least half of what is served, which is my barometer for whether it's worth my going or not.
I'll check back with you in a few weeks on that.

I'm about to immerse myself in a new project, that I just thought I'd be co-coordinating to let a woman who's been doing the job for years have a break.  I wrote here that I needed to cut back volunteering for stuff.

Yep, I'm still doing it.  Everyone who I've disappointed in the past is looking at me hard, now.  I joined and quit two committees already in the last 6 months.

But I've also been dealing with recurring bronchitis (or something along those lines).  I have now had a couple of weeks free of it...and it's amazing to me how much energy I have.

At first I thought, maybe I'm just manic...and I've had a 6 month long phase of depressed.  Nah, this is physical, not mental/emotional.

I do remind myself to go easy.  I am following the rule to just do one new thing a day.

And of course I broke my own rule yesterday.  I rejoined a yoga class, which unfortunately I can't afford to go to every week.  But I had one great session yesterday.  And then after my lunch (of which I ate at least 75%) I walked around Lake Tomahawk.  When I passed a bench that said welcome, aren't you ready to rest, I then had some very interesting photos to take.  I'll post them over on my blog about Black Mountain...ducks....tomorrow.

Have a great day.
Here's a quote for you to consider, if you wish.

Don't let other people's opinions burn holes in your dreams.
Elsa Joy Bailey

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