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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Great times 8 granparents

For one of the 1,042 Great x8 grandparents... ancestor of mine.

You are an important person who once lived, loved, had zest for life, and passion for whatever you were interested in.

You have a granddaughter eight times great removed.  And many more than the other people of your generation who gave genes to me throughout the centuries.

One of those 1,042 ancestors was

Giles Fitz Rogers 

Birth 1643 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland 

Death 1730 in Dunkirk, King and Queen, Virginia

He married another great times eight, Lucille Rachel Eastham (1642 – 1735) in 1672 in Worchestershire, England.

He is noteworthy in all my genealogical tales on my father's side of the family as the first Rogers to become an American.

He came to Jamestown, VA, and had his own ship, and I heard there was a martyr in his ancestry, and someone or another were goldsmiths.  These are not parts of his story that I can find records for, but are certainly interesting stories, and often a story is built on oral histories, whether or not they are accurate.

One such story says that his name had been Giles Fitz-Rogers, and he changed it to Giles Fitz Rogers when he arrived in America.  Since very few people were reading and writing in the 1670s, it's very likely that someone who could write simply wrote it that way.

However the case, I now have a cousin (the only male in my generation of Rogers) named John Fitz Rogers.

So this is the list of the Rogers:
Giles Fitz Rogers, Great x8 grandfather
John Rogers
George Rogers
Henry Rogers
Elijah Rogers
Micajah Rogers
George Rogers
William Rogers (great grandfather)
George Rogers
George Rogers
Barbara Rogers (me)

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