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Monday, April 14, 2014

Capt. Alexander G. Swasey Jr. born in 1812

Happy birthday to my ancestor, the Capt. of Confederate blockade runner Ella Warley, whose life was written about here last year.  See this link. 

 The out of focus caption says "Captain Alexander G. Swasey, captain of the early blockade runner Ella Warley from January 1862 until his capture on April 25, 1862 (from a private collection)."

This ship captain was born in the north, (Newburyport, MA) moved to Charleston, SC, and fought for that side of the "war between the states."  He also was active in shipping from Germany to New Orleans, and many other ports.

My grandmother's grandfather.  Generation (7) back from my grandchildren.  There are 16 people with that relationship to me (great great grand-parent.)

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