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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a Massachusetts ancestor

Well, happy birthday to GGGG Grandfather David Pulsifer of Ipswich, MA.
Born March 4, 1716, died Dec 2, 1783, either in Ipswich or Bunker Hill, Boston, MA

And there are so many different "facts" that at least I have a copy of the record (in pen and ink writing) of his birth.

The Ancestry channels have added wives to his life, at least 3.  And brothers by the same name, as well as sisters and children galore.

I did know that he was the direct line of Lucy Pulsifer Granger, who was one of the first to leave MA and travel to Texas.

I won't try to sift through the rest of the records...many of which may be cousins.
I very much doubt that he traveled to CT to marry someone there, who ended up dying in New Hampshire.  But it's always possible.

I'm just glad that of the records that seem more feasible, there are 4 more generations older than his.  That's one of the oldest stretches in US families, at least for my family.

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