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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Irish roots

George Beatty (or maybe Arthur Beatty) was born in Caven, County Caven, Ireland.  

When checking Wikipedia about Caven, this is what I found.

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Clogh Oughter Castle
Clogh Oughter Castle is situated on an island on Lough Oughter. The Anglo Normans built this round tower in the 12th or 13th century when they tried to conquer the East Breifne area. It was once the stronghold of the O'Reilly Clan, rulers of East Breifne and used as a prison for the rest of the middle ages.
Lough Oughter played a pivotal role in the 1641 Rebellion. The castle was one of the last confederate strongholds to surrender in Ireland to the Cromwellian forces in 1653.

As you can see by the modern map, County Caven is a border county, south of Ulster. It is still predominantly Catholic.

The River Shannon begins in County Caven
 George Beattie was born in Caven (the town) and married there, as well as died there.  (I don't yet know which cemetery he was buried in, but someone on Ancestry has the dates and places...so I'll eventually find out.)  He died May 9, 1741.
Derver Graveyard, County Caven, Ireland

He married in...
Martha Cairnes, who was born in 1669 in Claremore, Tyrone, Ireland.

County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland

There are 2 Claremores in this largest county of Northern Ireland, so I don't know which one she came from.  But the marriage took place in George's home town of Caven, probably in 1683. I only know of the one son who came to America, Francis who was born in 1715.  But Ancestry has lots of interesting possibilities.  It suggests she married Arthur Beatty, and had parents (with 2 different mothers named) and a lot of other children.

Caven is where the Beatty family lived, and Martha Cairnes Beatty died in April of 1743. 

I'm sticking with one simple story at this time.  I'm always willing to admit mistakes, and change my story later.

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