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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ancestors' Birthdays 1.30 to 2.1.14

Happy birthday great grandmother, Eugenia Almeta Booth Miller b. 1.30.1873, d. 1.1.1936.  I've already blogged a bunch about her...so I won't spend more time today, other than honoring the woman who mostly raised my mother and I was named after (middle name only). HERE and Here.

Happy birthday on Feb 1 to Lucy Elizabeth Parsons Pulsifer Granger, born on that day in 1807, as well as Sarah Jones Traylor, in 1780.   Let's see whether or not I have given them all a blog post, which I'll edit into the blog as "Here" every here and yon.

Lucy Pulsifer Granger is mentioned in her Pulsifer family posts Here, or her husband George Tyler Granger's blog HERE .  My relationship to her?  My paternal grandmother's mother's mother's mother.  I always have to look at the tree to follow the relationship.  My father's mother's (Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers), mother's (Zulieka Granger Phillips Swasey) mother's (Mary Hull Granger Phllips), mother was Lucy Pulsifer Granger.

I should do a complete post on  Lucy Granger soon, a long lived woman ancestor.

Sarah Jones Traylor was born Feb 1, 1780.  OK, again I need to look on the Ancestry site to find her.  At least they make searches easy. She is mentioned in her mother's post HERE. So going up from my father's father this time, his mother's (Elizabeth Bettie Bass Rogers) mother's (Mary Ann E Powell) mother's (Nancy Jones Traylor Powell) mother was Sarah Jones Traylor. . 

I'm also aware how hard it is to find the women by their maiden names, so even though Ancestry wants everyone listed that way, I needed those married names also. After all, they were Mrs. someone most of their lives.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

How wonderful, to know of all these ancestors! Wonderful.

And wonderful for your children, to have had this work done for them.


B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I often wonder if anyone will notice.