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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two in a row

Another good day today.
Saturday may have started a bit early for me, the sun wasn't yet turning the sky grey when I crawled out from under my lovely covers.
Had to get to the Tailgate Market for the last of our sales as Mud buddies for this summer.

Then I stopped by the Black Mountain Center for the Arts studio to see how clay work was progressing.  I worked a bit on some recent pots.

I was chagrined that the studio manager ranted about the clean-up job yesterday when I was volunteering to take care of studio.  Our potters left wheels turned on.  They didn't clean under their wheels as bits of clay had dripped.  Yep, I was in charge of these cads.  I appologized.  Life will continue and we will be more diligent.  Well, I will try to be.

Then I visited a friend who has an outdoor pottery shop...right on Cherry Street.  I sat on his wonderful balcony area and watched the Black Mountain Pets and Halloween Parade.  It was cute...dogs, kids, grownups acting like kids.  It lasted 7 minutes.

Then, after taking a nap, a friend came over and helped set up shelves with a plastic covering, to be the home and shelter for my plants outside on the porch this winter.  There will be a way to put a light inside the little greenhouse to also heat it when it's particularly cold out. 

Then I cooked up some great fresh shrimp with garlic, some brown and wild rice, and a simple green salad with tomato and avocado and Balsamic vinegar.  No time to take pictures, we enjoyed the eating instead.

This was a mostly grey day, so these pictures are a couple of days old.  They are the last I'll be posting of this beautiful color.  The forecast is that Hurricane Sandy will be bringing winds and rain.  Trees will look a lot more like they're wrapped for winter soon.

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