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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finding Fall

Going on the hunt for fall.  Where?  Just my neighborhood.  I didn't go very far, maybe 30 miles round trip.

Not me, Mom... can you see one ear where I've buried my head in a warm sunny spot.

Yeah, a couple of batches of reddish leaves around the Folk Art Center parking lot (Blue Ridge Parkway).

Oaks are stately and have brown leaves.  Leave us alone, they seem to say.

Still haven't identified these pretty bluish grey lovelies.

Lovely path going up into the woods...shall I take it?

Or shall I heed the grey clouds blowing down from the mountains...very cold looking?

Well, a quick walk into the woods, just a ways...

Gusts of wind send these beech leaves (I think) shivering all in one direction.

I am made to feel so small next to the majesty of these tall trunks along the path up the hill.

And I turn back to the road, waiting for another day when there's more colorful foliage.


Barbara Rogers said...

Ah ha, when looking up blue-violet wild flowers, I found Heart Leaved Aster...looks like what I've seen several times.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful pictures, Barb! I was going to suggest asters or Michaelmas daisies -- they are a lovely accompaniment to the golds and reds and oranges of Autumn.