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Thursday, September 20, 2012

So if I drop dead?

it's another day in the mountains.

I mean, I could.  Anyone could.  And I keep thinking I am of an age when anything can happen.

I don't mean to sound depressing.

Today has been a relatively high energy day.  And my body just hit a wall this afternoon around 3:00.

I had gone to lunch and ate outside on the patio under one of those plastic fake palm frond umbrellas.  The main indicator of the sunshine and warmth was the plethora of bees who came to share our meal.  They were insistent that anything we could eat, they could eat too.

Then I went to the studio and stood there glazing my 6 plates.  I finished, and felt really tired.  I stumbled on the legs of a chair that were sticking out a bit.

It was hard to drag myself up the little slope to the coffee shop where I got a half decaf Americano.  I became irritable.  Why did the clerk leave my Americano sitting on the cappuccino machine while he went searching for the "right mug" for some visiting guy who'd ordered a coffee after me?  Finally he got the one he wanted (second or third try) and the clerk came and handed me my drink, which I gratefully took and said "thanks" with perhaps a bit of a bite to my tone.  After all, I'm a repeat customer while the guy with the right mug is from out of town.  And what was going on that another clerk was just walking back and forth doing who knows what?

By the time I added the sweetener and half and half, my hand had become sticky, and I couldn't get it cleaned off.  I slowly walked back to the studio, still feeling less than 100%.

I sat for the next half hour, doing a sign-up sheet for the pot luck dinner we're having in a few weeks.  I just drank that Americano down in no time.  And had absolutely no feeling that I was affected by caffeine.  Drat.

Went to the grocery store to pick up vacuum bags, and yogurt, and a few other things that totalled less than $20.  Got home, put the cat's flea repellent on the backs of their necks.  Scrambled a couple of eggs with some margarine, sprinkled the Good Tasting Yeast on top, and in another half hour, dinner was over.

Did I mention that I told cats I had to lie down for a while before I could do any more?  That was about 1/2 hour.  Then I fed them, then me.  Notice I don't keep things in order.

I was so fortunate that Charles also got his days and times mixed up and was available to monitor the studio while I was eating lunch, during the time I'm usually the studio "resident."  Sometimes my "clocks a la Barbara" have influence on others.

Right now I'm ready to lie back down with a book.  The studio is open again for another 2 hours this evening, but I'm not energized.  So I've got the vacuum ready to go tomorrow, when I feel up to it.  I've got a volunteer obligation in the morning, and another one most of the afternoon.  So housework does get squeezed in when it can.  Today I did all the laundry, and have the last load in the drier waiting to be hung on hangers when the buzzer sounds, after my next lie-down.

So the answer to the title, if I drop dead...I'm just one drop in a very big bucket of life on the planet.  Some folks will miss me.  Some have never heard of me and won't be affected at all.  And I will be sorry to not complete this book.  See, that is perhaps why I come up with ideas like this...a reason for living.  Maybe?

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Barbara -- you sound a bit stressed? To use a very old cliche -- take time to smell the roses. As another blogger I read today said -- live for the moment and live in the moment. I liked that suggestion. -- barbara