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Thursday, September 27, 2012

by the roadside

I zipped up to Spruce Pine to pick up some pots at a gallery following the Clay Club exhibit.  On the way I thought I'd record some pictures to share.  I was struck by the architecture I passed, some of which no longer functions as designed.

I politely stopped for the train in Old Fort, after all it's the same line which goes through Black Mountain on the other side of the "pass" over the continental divide.  However this guy was going very slow.

If I'd had my trusty spray paint I could have added some graffiti.

Then it stopped completely.  That's when I saw the side road which allowed me to go around the end, wait for the garbage truck guy to talk to (I don't know who, maybe his girlfriend who's car was going by,)  then eventually get back on the highway through town.  The train was still being switched around.   I swear!

Old Fort is a sleepy southern town, with lots of pretty old homes and trees.

I've stopped before to take pictures of this abandoned home (and the sun was glaring the wrong direction this morning so this isn't a good picture).

And then?  Where are the pictures of the traffic jam from the construction project on the switch-backs going from Marion up to Little Switzerland?  How about the mountain vistas?

Well, the batteries died for the camera.  And I didn't have any extra ones.  Phoey.

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