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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A book idea

Well, I've got plenty of resources, and keep thinking of more, for the discussion, sharing, whatever, of my last year.  While I was 69.
Or maybe When...
Anyway, I'm not going to give you all the gorey details here.  I'm very busy doing computer avoidance work, a defence mechanism I've invented to avoid the other more important things in my life.
So while I have very important things begging for my attention, I can just avoid them here on computer.
As my sons and grandkids do, just turn on the puter, start a program you like (game, blog, emails, writting program, etc) and zone out.
It's more entertaining than other people's ideas, at least those who provide supposed entertainment on TV these days.

I started this blog as a place that would be separate from my life as a potter, where I could dip into the lives of gardeners, photographers, and writers who blog, and maybe share something different with/from them.

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