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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Eugenia Almeda Witty Booth

Last year I posted a pretty thorough bio of my great great grandmother's life...HERE.

Yesterday was my grandmother's birthday, (on my father's side) but most of the people I've been sharing about this week have been Eugenia Almeda Witty Booth's siblings.  I had never looked into their lives before now.

But what can I add to Great Great Gran's information now?  That she died in childbirth at 25 is a piece of information that I mentioned last year.  But it sadly happened often in 1875.  She had married at 17 to a man who's first wife had also died in childbirth.

And she lived in a time when Texas was changing rapidly as well.  Her husband and father moved their families to Hemstead, Texas from at least 1875 - 1880, then back to Hillsboro, Hill County Texas by 1896, when my great grandmother, Eugenia Booth, was married there.

Her husband and father were attorneys, and probably involved in the new county courts in Hempstead Texas.  Unfortunately I can't find any 1890 census reports for either city, so I don't know where they lived at that time.  I know that after her husband died in 1879, their children went back to be raised in the grandparents home, that of William and Hannah Booth.

Her step son William (Willie) Lewis Booth, had childdren, and at least one of them had children, so I've got some more Booth cousins, though I'm not sure how step-son cousins get counted!  But they have the same great great great grandparents, so we are blood relatives of some kind!

Out of Eugenia Witty Booth's three births, only her daughter, my great grandmother, Eugenia Booth Miller, lived to be an adult, and she had 4 daughters.

Not my Booth family, but another one from Missouri, then Oklahoma and Texas, taken around 1900

Built in 1855 in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas...the Booth Home of William Lewis Booth, father-in-law to Eugenia.  She was born in 1852 before they arrived here, as well as her next younger sister, Laura Dove Booth, born in 1854 in Marshall, TX.  I'll give you more information on her soon!

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