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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shhh, Introvert hibernating!

Retired. So it's me a few pounds heavier, and about 8 years ago...never knowing what was in my future at that point.  At that time I was still just recuperating from thinking about how to please others all the time...which was my job.  An Activity Director for the last 7 years of my career, starting with Assisted Living facilities, then finally for an Independent Living Senior Apartment tower with over 200 units.

I could do the job, and I loved some of it.

But I'm naturally an introvert, and would spend most weekends in bed, as well as come home from work exhausted.  Someone hinted to me this last week that there's a need to train Activity Directors so all seniors receive good quality of life.  Not me, I'm not at all eager to return to work.  I'm having enough trouble just taking care of myself and the cats, and now my health, and sometimes making something or another in clay.  Right now that's on the back burner...waaay back.

I'm pretty sure people think of me as a self-centered somewhat bitchy person when I'm around a group of people.  Not true, but I just don't want to "put myself forward," as extroverts naturally do.

So even blogging is sometimes difficult, so please be patient with my need to hibernate these days!


L. D. said...

I am a lot of both. If forced to take charge, I get it done. I would rather at times melt into the landscape and hope no one sees me or if they do, just leave me alone.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks LD, but for me, introvert just means I get my energy from times of solitude...not that I don't like being around people, nor that I don't lead at times. It just means I don't want to toot my own horn a lot, nor need to have a group to recharge. I see extroverts as folks who have lots of friends who are always gathering for fun and the way they energize themselves.