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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Well, I've finally been thoroughly tested, you know, with the little pin pricks all over your back and upper arm...and I have allergies.

Not the ones I assumed...thank heavens.  Not to cats, but a bit to dogs.  That's fine with me, cause I get along best with felines.

And instead of ragweed, just some assorted weeds...so I can still expect the allergic reactions during pollen seasons...all but the freezing months around here, perhaps November through March.
I'm also allergic to dust mites, which of course live in our bedding and upholstered furniture and carpets.  So it was suggested I encase my mattress and pillows in sleeves that keep the mites from getting on me.  When I saw the prices I decided I could purchase new pillows more frequently.
And sleep on different beds perhaps.  No way I was going to put my mattress inside a 2.3 micron covering.  It was much easier to move into another room, and another bed.  And that's the room which is easiest to heat anyway.

Well, it might have been easy, but it did wear me out...and setting up all my bedside goodies.
Did I mention that I'm also allergic to different kinds of mold?  The doctor didn't tell me which ones, when I asked...about 3 out of 5 tested.  I'm pretty sure the algae in my fish tanks will be contributing.  I've been needing an excuse to sell the big aquarium.

However he did recommend that I go through a series of innoculations...where my specific allergies are mixed up in a cocktail and I get shots of them twice a week.  For about 4 months.  And then I can go only every other week, perhaps for 2 years.  My first question was, does this cost anything?  Dr. said my Medicare would cover it.  I can't have physical therapy for my shoulder, but I can have all these shots!  Silly system.

I will be slowly building up immunities to the things I'm allergic to, which means the cocktail will be changed through time.  I like this idea.

I don't like the idea of going to his office so often.  But I've been needing a reason to get more familiar with Asheville.

I have lots of other things going on as well.  Preparing for the deep freeze which will arrive tomorrow sometime.  I will check my little old (literally 18 years old) Toy Yoda...make sure his fluids are adequate for 8 degrees.

But changes are happening for all of us.  May the changes in your life be ones that may be managed, or at least be reasonably comfortable for you!

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Barbara Rogers said...

I want you to know, dear readers whoever you may be, that I report things and don't complain. So the only thing in this post that is clearly a negative comment is about Medicare. The rest is just what it is. Actually I'm very hopeful as a result of this information.