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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sunny where?

Like half the other people in our mobile-minded country, I'm traveling for the holiday to see family.
But the place I am going is having rain.  Not fun.  I was hoping for sunshine.
So that means more time indoors, eating.  Or not, if I tie my hands behind my back perhaps.

I am not a shopper, so don't expect to see me in any malls or stores.  Ah, that's a relief.  And I'm glad that you're glad. 

For Christmas gifts...think either pottery (I know, you are a bit tired of it by now if you're my relative) or gift certificates if you're one of those young people that I know doesn't want pottery!

But try to find local businesses to support whatever you are gifting!  A dollar spent in your own community goes around and around keeping our neighbors happy and fed and clothed and housed...well, you know.

So as everyone prepares for the feast of Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy being with friends and relations.  Click on the link below...but come back here if you want to comment!

Norman Rockwell

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Barbara Rogers said...

Oh goodie, the sun has actually come out...and promises more for the rest of my stay in Florida. Maybe even going to the beach later on, not today where the high is 62. Can't believe I think that's cold! At home that's a wonderful warm day. Holiday breaks are such fun!