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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Working it out

Keep on Truckin'

Whatever trite or wise saying works for you (or me) it's like a mantra.  You have it in the back of your head for the quiet moments.

I spent yesterday morning at the Tailgate Market.  I wanted to have fun, sell pots, and enjoy the day.  Sometimes we reach a few of our goals!

I'm so lucky to be part of the co-op of Mudbuddies which sells pottery every Sat. morning throughout the summer, right here in Black Mountain.  It's right down the street from me.

Ah, you noticed.  I can find something to be grateful for...which is the best way to pull myself out of the mire of "poor me-ness." 

The wonderful weather, great music, and friends all around.  What a day.

And so it goes.  Each day.

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L. D. said...

That would be so great to share and sell you works. Having similarly minded artists also makes it fun too. I hope the public appreciates the time you spend.