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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More of Mom in her yearbook

This is a copy of the actual page in the Jefferson High School 1934 yearbook.
Mataley Munhall (bottom row middle) signed her name to a "keen girl" (whoever this book belonged to.)  But the yearbook staff spelled her first name wrong.  Mataley is a strange name which my grandmother dreamed before she gave birth.

Anyway, this is my mother's senior yearbook, and I also will share her pictures in Glee Club and the Swastika girls (sponsors in ROTC, who wore a hat with a swastika on it).

Remember in 1934, San Antonio, Texas hadn't heard much about Hitler, let alone the infamous Nazis.  And the running cross design is ancient, though unfortunately after mid-twentieth century it is connected to the holocaust, so is no longer used.

Actually a lot of people in that area of Texas were immigrants (or children of them) from Germany.  My mother's grandfather had come to Texas from Mecklinberg, Schwerin, Germany in 1870 (age 2).

And the uniform was popular for young students, who apparently drilled together.  (Another picture of mother in uniform was posted here.)


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