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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Company A

In Ft. Worth, Texas, back in 1931, my Uncle Chauncey Rogers was a Captain (listed in left column) and my father George E. Rogers was a Corporal (also left column), in Company A.

With the honorary female Captain, Peggy Leland in the front row, I'm pretty sure that's Uncle Chauncey sitting next to her.  But where oh where, is my father?  If the rest of the company is lined up in rank, then where would Corporals appear?  I thought further back, but I'm now considering it's likely he's directly behind his older brother...that chin and ears look like him perhaps.

There are other mentions, and pictures of Uncle Chauncey, but this is the only page with my father appearing in that yearbook. Central High School, Ft. Worth, Texas. 1931

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