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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Sepia Saturday quandry

Sometimes Sepia Saturday really has me stumped. 

Like this week's roadside shoe repair man, with hand tinted colors.   Well, I'm just going to pull something out of my hat.

But don't miss seeing what others have come up with on this theme....HERE.  And congratulations for this group having posted 250 different weeks!  That's great!

Here's a house...which had memories for my parents.
The Trueloves lived there...isn't that a great start?

What does the caption at the top say?  Either Truelove's resting place, or Truelove's nesting place. What do you think?

This was from my father's album, from before he married my mother.  His friend Earl probably didn't spell his name the way it is printed it under his picture.  But I find it intriguing that there's a little arrow and note on the bottom of the actual photo "my room."  So at some point my father apparently lived on his own with his friend in Ft. Worth, Texas.  

Since Earl was about the same age as my father, I dare say there were senior Trueloves in the house at that time, but later in the 1940s we visited that house and Earl was by then married.

The Rogers family moved to San Antonio, TX between 1930 and 1935 according to census records... my father actually graduated from high school in San Antonio, which is where (high school) he met my mother.  He graduated when he was 18 or 19 I think, and it was the year after my mother did, though he was older than she was by several years.  I found some old high school papers once, and asked his younger brother after my parents had already died, if he knew anything about how that happened, but his younger brother didn't remember.  

So in my imagination, a teenage George moved in with his friend Earl, perhaps when his own family had a house fire and moved into the garage while rebuilding their house.  And maybe the Rogers moved as a family to San Antonio around 1933-4 and my father returned to school...and met the love of his life.  I do know that my mother was claimed by my father's mother before my father finally figured out she was "the one," and married in 1937.  My grandmother invited my mother to do lots of things with her family of boys, and there are a lot of photos that show that.

"US" (Before Cupid) Scenic Loop 7.7.35
Above are a photo of my mom (very small) above one of my father in an ROTC uniform which would probably have placed him still in high school in 1935.  Though this is my father's album, it looks more like my mother's writing here!

Earl Truelove, front row, second from end on right

Ancestry had a link to Earl Truelove being in high school (year books 1931 and 1933), and has a picture of him in the band as the "Major," in Ft. Worth in 1933.  He was about 16 at the time, and I guess he would have graduated the following year, but don't know for sure.

I know I've been to the Truelove house in Ft. Worth as a very young child.

I remember being given a place to take a nap, which was much too interesting to fall asleep.  And since I don't remember my sister being there at the time, I think it was before she was born in 1946.  I've seen pictures of Earl and his wife, but can't find any today.  I don't know if they visited us after we moved to Houston in 1947. or if we visited more than once or twice.  But somehow I got the idea that my mother was really flirting with Earl.  Isn't that a strange thing for a 3-4 year old to remember?  (Earl was really handsome by the time he was married!)


Wendy said...

What a great name "Truelove" is. And I vote for "nesting" because the house is much too nice to have a dead body in it or under it.

La Nightingail said...

The "US (before cupid)" pictures are great. Sometimes, love needs a little time to take hold. By the way, is that your red front door in the pic of the house? Red doors look so welcoming. We have double red doors!

Little Nell said...

Earl Truelove sounds like a character from fairy story nobility. I’m sure it was nesting, not resting; that way it would all bode well for the future.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

OK, I'm also leaning toward a nest. That is indeed my front door, Gail...and to think you've got double that cheer! It is the second time I've had a red front door, and I do think it is a great welcome!

Kristin said...

I think it's nesting too. Like the way you added your memories to the story.

Postcardy said...

I think the first letter looks like the "r" in Trulove.

Bob Scotney said...

Nesting it has to be. A true love story too.

Alex Daw said...

I'm with Postcardy and think it looks more like an "r" than an "n". A resting place is not such a bad thing - especially if you're stressed or tired.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I'm so glad there's a split of opinions on this Rest vs. Nest. Either one works for me, because if Earl was a major in a band, that infers that he was pretty active at school. I don't think Dad ever was in a band though...but I can see him enjoying a rest! He worked hard all his life, so it's a great image for me!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

A wonderful array of complementary photos. What a smart mother-in-law to work out your mum would be right for her son and include her in the family. I wonder if he'd annoyed her that day so she was flirting with Earl?