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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Swaseys of New England etc

In honor of Alexander G. Swasey Sr, whose birthday is today, I continue to research his roots in New England.

Benjamin Swasey's book, Genealogy of the Swasey Family, (1910) is offered where it mentioned my ancestors...photos of the ebook.
Entry 84 is Jerathmel Swasey...listed as Seventh Generation, a son of Jerathmel, Joseph, Samuel, Joseph, Joseph and John

Each of those fathers names represent a generation.
1. John Swasey
2. Joseph
3. Joseph
4. Samuel
5. Joseph
6. Jerathmel
7. "Jarathmel, sea captain," (the number 84 with details given above) b. unknown date, "Swansea, MA, d. bef 1847, m. Eliza B. Davis, b. May 11, 1798, d. in New York City, 1873, dau of Benjamin and Sarah (Bowers) Davis.  She was app. adm. of his estate Oct 5, 1847. He commanded sailing vessels in the East Indies trade."

How was he related to my ancestors, since he wasn't a direct grandfather apparently?

Before working with his children (8th generation) I chose to continue the 7th generation since Swaseys arrived in America.  At the bottom of the same page will be found number 85, and "Alexander G. Swasey, sea captain."  The same parentage is given so he is brother to 84 Jarathmel who died around 1847.

"B. in Swansea Mass, Sept 10, 1784, d. in Newport, RI, Oct 28, 1861; m. Ruth Woodward, b. Sept 6, 1788, d. Mar 4, 1842. 

"He was a wood carver by trade but engaged for many years in command of ship to the coast of China."

Here's the next page in the book:
Children of Alexander G. Swasey and Ruth Woodward Swasey

 I again am going to offer the pages of the children, but skip their details and keep looking at AG Swasey's seventh generation.  (You'll notice a different numbering system is used for each generation in B.Swasey's book.)

Children continued, of AG and Ruth Woodward Swasey

Last listing of children of AG and Ruth Woodward Swasey

Seventh generation Stephen Swasey, not a son of Jerathmel Swasey but of Samuel Swasey, who must have been his brother.
So 86 Stephen Simmons Swasey was a cousin to AG Swasey Sr. since their fathers were brothers.  Again I chose to not follow that line, since my focus is to figure out the first 7 generations.

I also found it interesting in Mr. B. Swasey's book that he had a source who was still alive when he interviewed her, in 1903, the granddaughter of 84 Jerathmel.  Another cousin.  But a great primary resource.

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