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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Living under the oak trees

These wonderful trees are in the midst of dropping their bombs right now.
When the acorns hit a garage roof, or the roof of a car, there's a much louder boom than when they hit the cement, which is still louder than when they hit grass and dirt.

Photo by William Snape

So outside my windows there's a constant barrage of artillery landing all over the place.  Noisy bunch of acorns.  Haven't seen the squirrels.  But then I'm looking at the computer, and just hearing the ratta tat tat outside the open windows.

When I'm at the tailgate market in Black Mountain, guess what kind of tree is dropping those huge acorns on our heads!

What trees do you live beneath?


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love your tree.

My pear tree is dropping leaves like a snowstorm. I am out raking on a daily basis. The mulberry in the front yard has started to drop big yellow leaves that I can actually pick up and put in a leaf pile I have started in one of the flower beds. We've had such drought here and are limited in watering so the leaf pile is helping to hold in moisture.

Hope you can stay clear of the acorns.

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOVE Autumn! How lucky you are to live in a place with these fantastic oak trees. I hope you will post photos of the beautiful fall colors. Sorry about the noise!