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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day trip to Mt. Mitchell

I'm resting after an adventure.

At my age, each adventure has a price, usually to at least take a nap when I return home.  Today I turned the heat on.  Whew, a high today of just 63 degrees...and I'd left the windows open when I took off this morning.

I also had fun spending time with a new friend, Shelly Frome.  He and I had a good time driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the State Park where the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi is sheltered.

But it was also sheltered by clouds.

I'll be sharing more of my trip over at "Living in Black Mountain" the blog that has a link over on the right hand column.  In a few days...I'm finishing up the photos from my last day trip.  If nothing else my retirement has allowed me several of these driving trips (in my car or others) to nearby sites. 

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