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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few small steps

And just cause I like to share, here's the Historic Marker for Laura Terrissa Rogers, a music teacher in Mexia, Texas from 1880-1920.
"Miss Rogers Music Room, Built opposite public school, for Laura T. Rogers, who(1880-1920) taught piano and choral music from 7 am to 7pm 6 days a week, 8 months in year. Had 4 pianos used all day, 8 pupils often played in unison. Auditorium with overflow seating in the yard, staged recitals and dramas. A church organist/choir director 35 years Miss Rogers kindled cultural interests in pupils of two generations. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, 1965.

She lived with her sister, Alice Luella Rogers Ross, and remained single all her life. But she was a very active woman...and much admired by her relatives and pupils.

Their brother was my direct ancestor, my father's grandfather, William Sandford Rogers.

Today has been a computer oriented day...because my right shoulder has given up, gives nothing but pain if I lift my arm.  And the first available doctor appointment is next Mon.  So I will try these heat rubs...which smell so much like muscle treatments, phew!...and the various pain relievers.

Sure don't think I can do much besides rest my arms, back etc.  I don't know what the heck I did, but it began a couple of weeks ago, when I'd feel a click in the joint when I lay on that side sleeping. 

I've heard of other people with shoulder pains, and I've never given them quite as much empathy as I do now!  Owwey.

So I can still do things with my fingers, and I've found all these grave marker pictures on Find-A-Grave sites...so I've downloaded them to lots of my ancestors...mainly their sisters and brothers, since my actual ancestors already had their photos, if they were available.

But the good news is finding updated ones which are more legible, so I'm glad I took a peek at them.

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