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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thomas Conn, ancestor

Thomas Conn has a family crest attached to his ancestry record.

There's likelihood that the Conn family originated in Scotland, and perhaps immigrated to Ireland.  There may be hounds associated on the crest, but I tend to see rabbits.  I'm not much of a "symbols on family crest" fan.  If you know all about them, you're way ahead of me.
He was born Nov 15, 1765, in Loudon County, Virginia.
He died Jan, 1834, in Rawls, Missouri.  (Though the marker looks as if it says he died M... 15, 1833)

Salem Cemetery, Center, Rawls, MO
How was he my ancestor?  I checked.

Eugenia Booth was my great-grandmother (generation 4 with me as generation 1)
Her father was Richard Booth. (5)
His father was William Lewis Booth (6) and his mother was Hannah Leak Conn Booth (6) They married in Indiana in 1843, he having been born in NY and Hannah was born in KY.

Hannah's father, (7) John Thomas Conn (1765 – 1835) had also been born in KY.
And his father (8) was Thomas Conn from Virginia.

There are a zillion cousins from this tree, inevitably.  John Thomas Conn (7 Hannah's father) had at least 9 siblings on Ancestry.  Then he and his wife, (7) Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman Conn (1792-1833) had 8 children (including Hannah), and his second wife gave birth to another 4.

Thomas Conn (8, of the family crest) and his wife, (8) Mildred Ann Conley (1770-1845) had 11 children (2 of whom had the same name but different birth and death dates, according to Ancestry.com).

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