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Monday, November 11, 2013

The cockpit

There are some hair raising stories of air travel going around.

I had minor difficulties on a recent visit, and managed to take a picture of the captain in the cockpit as he had just rebooted the computer for the plane.

I don't remember the kind of plane, but it had 3 letters, beginning with C, and I think was called a Sierra something.  It was only half full, with only 2 seats on each side of the aisle.  Not that the seats were any larger than any other planes, but this was a smallish plane.

I sat next to a young woman who might have still been a teen.  She was highly anxious, and her way of dealing with it before the plane even taxied to the runway, was to wind her watch hands around and around.  After 10 minutes or so, staring hypnotically at the hands going around, she leaned over the window, so I couldn't see anything outside (being in the aisle seat).  I was hoping she felt a bit better, since we were still on the ground.  I knew how anxious she was when she reached up to turn on her light and her armpit reeked of fear.  No wonder animals can smell it.

When we had safely landed, she asked me the correct time.

And I haven't forgotten to remember the veterans in my life.  Thank you for risking your life for what you believed in, or at least by following orders.  I wish you peace as a result of being willing to go to war, whether you did or not.  I personally don't believe political divisiveness helps anyone feel any more connected to our world neighbors.  I didn't think the War in Vietnam was good in any way.  But my friends who fought there survived twice, first the terrible war, and second the lack of thanks from America after they got home.

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