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Friday, November 1, 2013

Frederick Arthur Munhall, a step-father

So many of my ancestors were raised by step fathers, or step mothers, I want to try to include them as well as those who were blood relations.  A bit of nurture as well as nature!

Birth: 1 November 1890 in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois
Death: Feb. 12, 1927 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

You might notice that my mother's album pictures have dates, which aren't at all correct, though she had some cute editing.  The picture above, which says it was in 1925, was taken on or about the same day as the one following, which she marked as 1924.  She's wearing the same dress, and is the same size...and the lighting is even the same.  I lean towards the earlier date.

My mom's stepfather probably just for a few years, until she was almost age 10.  There are 2 records of his marriage to Mozelle Booth Miller Webb, my grandmother.  The first is in 1921.  The second has an actual date of March 22, 1924.  Neither record has a citation as to where the information came from.  Pictures with my mother indicate he was part of her life when she was younger than 10, at least by looking at her size.

Fred Munhall was listed in the San Antonio City Directory of 1926 as a District Manager.  I wonder what he sold.  Oh, at least I found through his obit what the company was named, A. C. Sparks Co.  When I tried a search, it indicated a spark plug company...and since it's been in existance since 1900, that sounds likely to me.

He was a Shriner, as shown by the funeral notice.  I believe he was also a Mason.

I just realized how much "Uncle Jack" looks like his brother, Fred.  I think I might just do a search on Ancestry for him. (Julius Bliss Munhall also lived in San Antonio at the time of his brother's death.  The other brother, Sam, lived in the Chicago area.)

I have no DNA from Fredrick Munhall, but my mother kept his name all through school, until she married my father.  So did her mother the rest of her life, and he is buried in the Miller Family plot also.

    Cemetery Record: born 1 Nov 1890 in Illinois to S. A. Munhall died 12 Feb 1927 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. 
    Informant: Mrs. C. H. Miller (Eugenia Booth Miller, his mother-in-law)
    Located in: Mission Burial Park, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas 

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Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Very interesting lives. I admire how those photos are all "designer cut" and posted...someday when I get organized that is what I plan to do with all the photos I have inherited and taken all these years.