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Friday, November 15, 2013

Failing my ancestors

There are some birthdays coming up.  And I haven't been looking up details of their lives.  I haven't been creating stories that represent the times they lived.
These are people who lived real lives, struggling, eating, sleeping, working, laughing, crying, loving, talking, and raising at least one child who went on to become another of a long line to also have a life to give which resulted in my life eventually.
I owe them a lot.  My life.

So this weekend is the Studio Tour, which I think I've talked about till you're probably sick of it.  But that's why I'm postponing some of my ancestors' posts.  Hope they will forgive me, and you as well.

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Karen S. said...

A very happy weekend to you and we shall see you when we can! Enjoy every single day !