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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A new book ...

I'm so thrilled to finally buy a new book.  You must know that with my limited and fixed income, I usually read the books that are free in my life...the great collections of our Buncombe County Library system, and occasionally those I borrow from friends.

So I only purchase books that are to be friends indeed, to be read over again and again.  How do I know which ones to get?  Usually by an author who has delighted me in other writings.

So Lee Smith is one of those authors.  It was recommended by my friendly blogger, Vicki Lane, also one of my favorite authors.  Then since it is set in Asheville, how could I resist? Title is great also..."Guests on Earth"  And it includes historic notes along with a believable character who gives her narrative about the Mental Hospital as well as Zelda Fitzgerald who actually died in a fire in that hospital.

The trick was to find Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville.  I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't been there yet.  So I was gratified to have a GPS to take me there last week.

I'll definitely give more views of the lovely independently owned bookstore in my blog "Living in Black Mountain." in the next few days.

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Karen S. said...

Thanks for the interesting post, and the great photos. The first one is very inviting, as I am a fan of book stores!