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Friday, November 22, 2013

A foremother from Connecticut


Birth 16 Nov 1721 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Death 9 Nov 1780 in Huntington, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

She married:

ZACHARIAH BOOTH Jr,  1721 – 1775

Thier SON:

ISAAC BOOTH Sr, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

who's birthday is tomorrow, (see his post)
Her other children:
  • Mary Booth  1744 – 
  • Tabitha Booth  1747 – 
  • Lemuel Booth 1749 – 
  • Elizabeth Booth 1751 – 
  • Josiah Booth 1753 – 
  • Silas Booth 1758 – 
  • Anna Booth 1761 – 1769
    I just waded into her Ancestry, and found her parents.  But I gave up on copying much into my tree for her, because one record had her father married 3 times, to 2 wives, on 3 different dates...and his death records are as confusing.
    Her father was:

    Josiah Beers 

    Birth 8 Aug 1693 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

    Death 10 May 1717 1744??? in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

    Her Mother was:

    Elizabeth Ufford (or Uffort)

    Birth 3 Apr 1698 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Death 19 Sep 1783 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States  


    I'm going slightly batty because I can't copy and paste a thing from the pages of Ancestry today.  But the info is here, clad in so many HTML commands I doubt that this will ever work.


Karen S. said...

Wow, this is amazing!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I've really been enjoying finding more about my ancestors lately. Thanks for stopping by, and especially for connecting through a comment!