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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When she would have been 69, and when he would have been 69.

..., there are those who had the 69th birthday click...

I posted already about my grandmother Eugenia Booth Miller, HERE born 69 years before me in 1873.
And I'll share who was born 69 years before her (namely in 1804) BUT NOT UNTIL next May. (May we all live so long.  Sorry about that!)

Who was 69 years before that person?  Surprisingly I already wrote his post, and didn't do the math until today.
You've already heard about Jacob Granger, born in 1735 here -
Remember he was grandfather to yesterday's post, George Tyler Granger.

I doubt highly that I'll find someone born 69 years before him on my tree, born in 1666.  Interesting year.  I've found one in 1665, which is pretty darn good for that far back.  Obviously I won't find anyone another 69 years removed.


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B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I figure once we reach 69, we can do strange things like this...or maybe we don't have to wait that long... If you're 36, do you know who was born 36 years before you in your family tree? Silly, I know.