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Monday, June 17, 2013

family gold

It's a matter of values.

Gold, pearls, glittery stuff for women to wear...nah.  I looked through my family pictures for a woman posed with such, and there wasn't a one.

So I finally decided what my family values is different than the meme at Sepia Saturday this week. (Click the link to see what others have come up with on this theme.)

I gather from the pictures of my family that these are the values we share: 

  • Smiles.
  • Cute babies.
  • Loving groups that gather for various occasions (supposedly anyway, but it's the value that counts)
  • Marking events in our lives.
  • Nature's beauty, whether in flowers, scenery, or water shorelines.
  •  Any combination of the above.  

OK, these are family heirlooms, and have been given to my heirs...a high school ring of my mothers from Jefferson High in San Antonio, and her step-father's wedding ring.  They aren't very valuable to anyone else, but they're gold at least! 

1 comment:

Little Nell said...

Very true Barb! You've still managed to share some real gems from your album with us.