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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh the ancestors!

I started scanning some old documents that my father gave me, copies of ones his father gave him in l950.

There are some missing pages.  But fortunately there are many other copies.  These were the first attempt that my grandfather started in listing our genealogy from the Rogers Family Bible.  Since it was held by another branch of the family, the Gibbs shared it with him.  Another person had recently (in 1950) applied to be in the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and published a lot of other information on our family.

I have since chased some of those family links and think they aren't indeed true.  It is interesting however.

Now I'm sucked in again to to see what's been added to my family tree since the last time I paid for membership.  It's been a couple of years, and there are some great photos of true artifacts, like many grave markers and cemetery plot information, like the census reports of many places these people lived.  So I'm updating my records.

I am also wanting to use this blog as an ancestors resource, for me or for anyone interested in these people who gave me the DNA which flows in each of my hairs as I scratch my head over some of the program commands of  It is surely as convoluted as ever.

I just need to pull away and pay attention to my life still.  On Saturday I'll join with friends in starting our season of selling pots at a Tailgate Market here in Black Mountain.  So there's that to get ready for this week.

I'm still working on getting a garden established.  Takes a while with my physical limitations, but I'm determined.  That should be on my tombstone...determination, and perseverance, but not very patient!

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