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Friday, April 12, 2013

Garden changes

Last week a machine (shown above) took down the remaining portion of a wall next to the site for the "town center".  At this time the center is a field of grass.  If someone gets the money together, Black Mountain will have a nice town center.  In the meantime, what used to be a parking lot, has grass over it.  That just means our tourists have to walk further from where they can park now.

I've been outside most of today, not taking any pictures, but working in dirt and with plants.  More to do tomorrow as well.  I'll be going to Painter's Nursery in Old Fort tomorrow and getting some herb plants...and probably some other vegetable plants as well.

I dug a place for the herbs today...but the bed isn't ready yet.  Sod needs to be turned, and grass and roots raked out.  Then some mulch applied, and a border of this raised area created by potted plants.  That will be the kitchen garden on the shadier side of the house.  I transplanted some hardy creepers to hopefully fall across the concrete block which is trying (successfully) to keep a cherry tree and some raspberry canes from coming through the chain link fence from my neighbor's yard.  I also brought some peppermint shoots to this area.  The transplanted day lillies are also planted snug up against the fence, since they may spread well if they live.

I have plans for a very small vegetable and flower garden on the sunnier side of the house.  Need a friend to do more of the digging, and I've borrowed a pick-ax in case we need it.

I brought half the potted plants outside to enjoy the sunshine, but tonight it's due to be in the 30's again.  At least no frost is forecast...and if I'm lucky I won't have to bring them all back inside again.

I was really surprised at myself working so much in the noonday sun today.  I was able to do a lot more than I expected.  So I also think I'll sleep well tonight.

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