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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Born March 26, 1917, San Antonio, TX
Baby portraits, Mataley Mozelle Webb, 1917

Her Grandma Eugenia Booth Miller and Mataley and 2 playmates, San Antonio, TX 1922
 - I think it likely that this was around the same time as the following pictures however she marked her album.

Her mother, Mozelle Miller Webb and Mataley, 1924, the year Mozelle remarried Fred Munhall

Fairy princess, probably the same year as pictures above, thought it is marked 1926

1929 House on Lafayette, San Antonio (Mataley was around 12 but looks much older to me.)

Jefferson High School, San Antonio, TX 1934

Don't you love the kids peeking out the window!

Mataley with her two younger cousins Patsy Rodgers and Robert Rodgers, San Antonio, TX 1934

Bridesmaid before 1936

Wedding Announcement, 1936

Nov 21, 1936 San Antonio, Texas

That's probably the San Antonio River.

Probably a photo that she wished had been destroyed, but somehow survived through the years.

Newlyweds and Mother in Law at shared Rogers home

George and Mataley (notice his hair at this time)

A hunting we will go, trip with in-laws in Feb. 1937

My mother, Mataley, George Sr., Uncle Chauncey standing, Ada kneeling, my Dad, George Jr. sitting in front, at tent for camping trip 1937

Living on their own, on Washington Ave, Beeville Tx, sometime before 1941 (notice his hair is thinner)

Mataley in swing, (pregnant with Barbara,) while Ada and George Rogers Sr are cutting up, Dallas, TX 1942

Mataley, George holding Mary Beth, Barbara in front, 1946, Dallas, TX
Barbara, Mary Beth and Mataley, 1947 Easter Houston, TX

St. Louis, 11/23/50 first snow

Mary Beth, Mataley, Barbara at chapel of Principia College, Elsah IL, 1951 probably
My parents moved to St. Louis to enroll me and my sister in Principia, the Christian Science school.  We both attended through our 3rd years of college.

Mataley, Mary Beth and Barbara with Studebaker, Forest Park St. Louis, Mo 1952 perhaps

Mataley and her mother, Mozelle Munhall with Mary Beth in front, 1954 St. Louis, MO

Mataley, my cousin Claudette Rogers and Barbara, St. Louis, 1954

George Sr, Mataley in back, Barbara, George JR, Ada and James Rogers, St. Anne MO 1957?

Ada, George and Mataley, St. Anne MO, around 1957

Mary Beth, Mataley and Barbara, St. Anne MO, 19589-60 perhaps
George, Mary and Mataley in front of home they built in Clayton, MO, 1961

Family regathering at San Jacinto monument and restaurant.  Barbara on left, Mary (back) Russell Heym, Mataley with hand raised, Lisa Miller on right, Zachery Miller climbing steps, probably 1978

Home in Houston, TX

Mataley and Barb at Disney World Epcot Center 1981

I haven't copied many other pictures of my mother that were taken during my adult years, while she became a grandmother.  So there are lots of images in my mind that I don't have here to share.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into her life, which ended in 2003.

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