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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ancestor Birthdays for March

Happy March birthdays to these ancestors of my descendents!

* Mataley Mozelle Webb Munhall Rogers, March 26, 1917
* Annie Lou Gibbs Rogers Wilson, March 10, 1879 
* Lucinda Benson Gibbs Rogers,  March 28, 1818
* Lt. Spencer Clack, March 28, 1746

Mataley Mozelle Webb Munhall Rogers, b. March 26, 1917, San Anotonio, TX, (m. 11.21.36  George Elmore Rogers, Jr). d. 2003, Houston, TX. 
My mother.  I will give her a special page, which will be coming soon, probably on March 26!

No wonder I've always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day, my parents passed it on to me!
George and Mataley Rogers, San Antonio, TX 1936?

This picture of my mother sitting on a tree is the basis of my submitting this post to Sepia Saturday for March 23. 

We have trees in a park, and photographers busy catching the "best shots."
I've already given you about as much as I know about Annie Lou Gibbs Rogers Wilson (Here).

  Lucinda Benson Gibbs Rogers b.3.28.1818 Union District, SC (married 9.14, 1848 Bienville, LA to George Washington Rogers  b. 2.7.1820 Sevierville, TN, fought in Mexican War, d.1.26.1864?)  She was my paternal grandfather's grandmother.

Just so you think about the travels of Lucinda.  This woman went from South Carolina, and she as well as her brother married into the Rogers family from Sevier County, TN, then moved to Bienville, LA, where she was married (at a rather late age actually) and then to Huntsville, TX where she died on 9.22.1884. She gave birth to 4 children, 2 of whom lived to adulthood.

I always wonder how the Rogers clan got together with the Gibbs, then took off for LA, where many of them settled.  There is a town named after one of Lucinda's brothers, Dr. Jaspar Gibbs. Gibsland is now the celebrated site of the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde.  The Rogers continued into the territory of Texas and settled in Huntsville.

I also believe Lucinda originally received the Rogers family Bible upon her marriage, which has all the records of the family from 1794 to the 1950s, and at that time was in the possession of one of the Gibbs descendents. 

Lt. Spencer Clack b. 3.28.1746 in Loudon County.VA, d. 7.9.1832 Sevier County, TN. Also from Franklin, Henry & Brunswick Counties, VA.  Trained in surveying and military tactics under Gen. George Washington who sponsored him when he joined the Masons.  

Representative and Senator from Sevier County, TN from 1796-1832.  Member of committee who drafted State constitution of Tennessee.

He married in 1766 to Mary Beavers Clack (name may have been Beauvior changed during French & Indian war) b. 1.12.1745 in New Jersey, d. after 1832 

Their daughter Catharine Clack Rogers (b. 6.23.1778 in Virginia d. 10.30 1850 Sevier County, TN) married in 1794 to Rev. Elijah Rogers (b. May 1774,) the patriarch of the Rogers family from Sevier County TN. and these were grandparents of George Washington Rogers (b. 2.7.1820) husband of Lucinda Gibbs Rogers above)


barbara and nancy said...

I love that newspaper article about your mother and fathers wedding. I trust that ignoring the 13th lead to a long and happy marriage.

Brett Payne said...

I like the photo of your mother sitting on the tree trunk - both of them look like they're having fun.

Postcardy said...

It appears that the newspaper photographer must have been waiting for someone to register on Friday the 13th.

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely photograph. It always amazes me how much can be taken from an old photograph a a few sentences of genealogical facts. You craft the essence of a real person on such foundations.

Wendy said...

I love seeing trees with low branches that form a natural seat like the one your mother was sitting on.

Bob Scotney said...

The photo of your mother on a tree trunk shows her happiness; there should have been hoards of photographers to record the occasion.

Little Nell said...

Your parents were nicely framed in more ways than one - nice story!

Joy said...

How nice to have a family member with a town named after them. Your parents certainly put the 13th behind them with the fun tree photo.

Mike Brubaker said...

Nice photos to treasure. The tree is a Live Oak, I think, which is native to the Southern Coast and Deep South> A giant spreading tree, it grows very long branches that eventually touch the ground. A favorite of photographers.

Titania said...

Uniquely beautiful photo.

Karen S. said...

A lovely post and great photos but I too really like your mother in the tree- it's perfect! She's not even nervous!

Boobook said...

Lovely photos