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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ancestor Birthdays in February

some ancestors' February Birthdays:
William Sanford Rogers
Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers
Eugenia Almetta Whitty Booth

William Sanford Rogers (Known as W. Sam by his son, my grandfather, George Elmore Rogers, Sr.)  
born on 2.9.1850 Huntsville, TX
m. Bette Bass on 12.14.1876,  Willis Tx 
d. 1879 Huntsville TX.  

You might notice how young he was when he died.  His wife died within a year of him, so my grandfather was raised (with his little sister) by W. Sam's sister, Alice Luella Rogers Ross and her husband, John Elmore Ross, who just happened to have also been born on February 22.1850, died-1.14.1918
(NOTE: Further research shows it is not true that Bette Bass Rogers died then)


A woman who was a strong leader in our family.  My father's mom: Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers was born Feb 23, 1886 San Marcos, TX,
m. 6.6.1905 George Elmore Rogers,  Galveston, TX
d. Dec. 1964,  Houston, TX

Ada Rogers as one of two Christian Science Readers for Sunday services in a Houston Texas church. (In the background is Mary Beth Rogers who is honored below)

My grandmother was a Christian Science Practioner for as long as I knew her, which meant she helped sick people without use of medical attention, only with prayer.  It wasn't quite the same as laying on of hands, as there was little drama involved, but the purpose was to use the same powers that Jesus did to have healings.

She raised my father in the religion and he remained a devout Christian Scientist all his life, though he seldom attended Sunday services (at least when I lived with him).

Ada and husband George Rogers

Christmas dinner 1938.  Front row, l to r, Mataley,(my mother) Donna V, Ada; back row, brothers: George (Junie, my father), Alex, Chauncey, James and Pop (George Sr) taken at the Rogers home, 400 E. Myrtle, San Antonio, TX

 sisters Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers and Stella Zuleka Swasey Winslow (b. 1887)
The Swasey sisters were the only children of Zuleka Phillips Swasey, whose sister was also named Ada.  

See an older post on my blog about Ada and George Rogers, and a very old photo here.

Eugenia Almetta Whitty Booth b. 2.24.1852 Marshall TX.  She married 7.20.1869 (his second m.) Richard R. Booth. They were the maternal grandparents of my grandmother, Mozelle Booth Miller Webb Munhall.  I love that I can trace a maternal lineage this far, and actually a bit further.

This is the home 17 year old Mrs. Booth moved into when she married a widower.  Richard had one son who was 3 at the time of the marriage.  They had 3 more children, including Eugenia Almeta Booth Miller, my great grandmother.  I've already talked about her on this blog earlier here.
Booth family home, 1855 Hillsboro, Texas

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