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Saturday, January 5, 2013

More ancestors who were Booths

So this book is becoming much bigger!  Whow.  And I thought I wouldn't have much to say.
Here's more about my great grandmother, Eugenia Almetta Booth Miller.

Booth history, hand written by unknown relative, perhaps my Great Aunt Margaret Miller.  (There is a better copy than this in my files, but this gives you an idea how data used to be saved.  I find several interesting bits of information in it.

The man who shot Richard R. Booth in 1879 was Richard (Dilk) Springfield.  I wonder why there are parentheses around Dilk. I also wonder whether he was then tried for this murder, or if he was already on trial for another murder.

And Richard's first wife died the same day she gave birth to her second son, who lived just 4 months himself.  So many women died with complications from childbirth.

Also interesting is that one of the brothers of Eugenia Almeda Booth (my great-grandmother) was named Edwin Whitty Booth, which is one of the names of a famous actor in the Booth family from which John Wilkes hailed.  Edwin and John Wilkes were 2 of 3 illegitimate sons of Junius Booth, who had 9 siblings.

So there might have been some cousins at that point.  Edwin Whitty Booth lived until 1924, so I dare say he would have known of any connection to the theatrical Booths.  I haven't ever noticed his name before, so that's another line of cousins I could chase when I have time.


Leslie Lowrey Neilson said...

Barbara, Margaret had an old photo of Edwin Booth. She told me that he had been a Circuit Judge in Texas.My younger bother, Scot, has the photo. I recently told him that he should give it to me as he has our great grandmother's,Eugenia Miller, baby grand piano! He did not agree, but I will keep working on it! Leslie Lowrey Neilson

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Hi Leslie...we must be related then. I'm so glad you made a comment. Please contact me by email...