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Thursday, December 27, 2012

That week in between holidays

Some take various presents back to exchange, for size, color, fit, taste, or just the fun of choosing another version of the gift.

Some take advantage of the sales the day after Christmas.

As always, I avoid the stores.  Especially on the days everyone else goes to them.

Remember I'm an introvert.  And maybe even anti-traffic, anti-social, and certainly anti-spending.  I chose these opportunities to read a book.

Fall 2012 Blue Ridge Parkway
Just because there are bargains on things I don't need, I still don't need them.

I'll probably be cleaning up stuff anyway.  Or going for a ride and walk and taking more pictures  if the weather is nice.

My family is still visiting, so I'm doing whatever they chose to do just to spend a few more precious minutes with them.  Yesterday we drove up to Bakersville in cold rain to see Crimson Laurel's great collection of good pottery.  Then we swung around Penland while it was closed, just so an out-of-state person could see what the layout looked like.

Today, if the weather permits, the young ones will go hiking with friends.  I will be free to do something on my own...but want to be available whenever they get back from their muddy pursuits.  I'll let 'cha know what happens!

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