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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The election is over, for this time, this season, this "country."  Sigh.

I have  become somewhat of a "world citizen" and no longer identify myself so much as one nationality or another.

I think the more we can see our worldly citizenship the less likely we'll be to have "teams" of nations that combat against each other...each believing their deity is supporting their efforts to overtake, kill and claim parts of geography. 

There were once tribes of people who knew ownership of land was pretty silly. 

Last night pictures (maps) of some of land were colored red or blue to denote choices for leadership. 

Another competition, and yet the losing side had a lot to offer.  But their opinions won't be expressed so much now.  They are equated with "infidel status."

World peace isn't easy.

But just as we see how difficult it has been to leave behind our racial prejudices, (assuming we have) we need the effort now to leave behind our national prejudices.

Yep.  Next step for world peace.  Will you join me?

Can you let go of identification with one side or another, now?