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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ancestor birthday, Zachariah Booth Jr, 1721

Happy birthday to a "great times 7" grandfather.

Birth 8 Oct 1721 in Stratford, Fairfield County, CT, USA
Death 17 Sep 1775 in Huntington, Fairfield, Connecticut
Buried in Monroe, Fairfield, CT, in Cutler's Farm and Elm Street Cemetery.

father of Isaac Booth Sr., who was father of Isaac Booth, Jr, father of William Lewis Booth, father of
Richard R. Booth, father of Eugenia Almeta Whitty Booth, mother of Eugenia Almeta Booth Miller, my great grandmother on my mother's side.

I've enjoyed immensely looking at the "Find-A-Grave" sites, which usually include information about other family members, and where they are buried, often not in the same cemetery.

But as usual I'm working with Ancestry to correct silly errors.
Last year I noticed that Zachariah was supposedly involved in a town called Fairfield, Stratford County, CT.
That wasn't correct.  There's a county of Fairfield, no county of Stratford.  There's a town of Fairfield, as well as the county.  So this was a transposing of the town of Stratford, in Fairfield County, CT.

Then the actual cemetery is now in a town called Monroe, and is near the historic site in Shelton (a town name now) called Huntington Center Historic District.  All of which are in Fairfield County, CT.

I enjoyed this evening's pursuit of knowledge...and found an enticing document that talked of a Joseph Booth, who purchased land in NY in 1793 for his son, Orange.  The document wasn't even attached to a Joseph Booth who was alive in 1793, but to an ancestor of Zachariah many generations before.

I don't know which Joseph Booth was the parent of Orange, but I did give the document to this new uncle Orange Booth, though I don't have his father correctly identified yet.  I am pretty sure my ancestor Isaac Booth, Sr. also went to NY about the same time.  So when I look for more information, I may find they were cousins...or perhaps not.

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