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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Secret mission

Go away cats, I want to finish this dream!

I swat, they squat and wait, purr then meow again.

But the dream...

I'm in a motel and 2 comrades are leaving me behind (perhaps cats in another lifetime) to pack, enter something on a computer, and maybe catch up with them later.  I know only that we are traveling as some incognito hikers, walking around the country.

I say "Where are you going today?"


And they're gone.

This is some important (and underground) effort we're walking across the terrain to accomplish, so I get on computer and look on map for that Cisuarno place.  It gives me some other town, knowing I've spelled it wrong.  Dang, how will I find my friends, they need something I'm bringing along.  This underground movement depends on us, if only I could remember what we're supposed to do...sign up voters, knock on doors, spy on someone, disappear and reappear.  All I know is it's important.

Just then knocking on the door, and the motel cleaning people come in, have to find something that is lost.  They start going through things.  Don't ask me why I let them, but my secrets are on the computer, which I keep working on.

Then I'm packing.  And packing and PACKING.  I decide the big suitcase is not going to be carried along by me as I walk cross country (there is a gem of reality seeping into the dream).  I'll send it by some kind of freight and pick it up there.  Where?  Well now it's Tallahassee.

I think of carrying other things in my backpack, including the laptop.  It's so heavy, but holds everything I know.  Best include it.

Suddenly the motel people find the packet of information for which they've been searching through drawers and cabinets.  Inside a large plastic baggy are pictures of one of my old lovers.  Only he's our current age and the pictures show him with his current wife and kiddies in a gorgeous home all decorated for Christmas.  I sigh, reality is seeping through.

I give up and feed the cats.

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