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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cousins meeting again

Yesterday I had talked on Ancestry a few times, and via emails, with one of my cousins.  She is also interested in our shared genealogy.  We didn't go much further than that.
For some strange reason.

I think I needed to be knocked upside the head.
I started trying to get to know her, finally.
She mentioned she's on Facebook, and that took off.

We started chatting about all kinds of things.  Her sister commented also, bringing into the conversation that we had fathers who were brothers, but we hadn't had contact growing up but a few times, and then as adults, mmm, not at all somehow.  She was eager to be my FB friend also.

Another cousin then joined in saying something was inaccurate in the genealogy mentioned on FB.  I asked her to be my friend.  So far no response.

And there's her sister also.

And the first 2 sisters have another sister as well as a brother.
In our generation there are 8 of us.

What a lot of people that I barely know.  We've formed a group called "Rogers Cousins."  We want to get to know each other.  I let them know about my blogs.  I've been hanging out my life for all kinds of strangers to read about.  Now it comes home.

These are my people, and they may not approve of me.  Oh dear.  I wrote a disclaimer right away...I'm liberal, I have friends who are witches, and gay, and...I don't know what the warning label said.  But I think of my parents as the most conservative folks imaginable.  So I'm sort of worried that I won't fit in to my own family.  Perhaps that's why I've never tried.

But the first answer to that was pretty positive.  So we can start from where we are, and see where it goes from here.

So I'm willing...I hope they are.

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