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Friday, May 23, 2014

Vista searching

Big holiday weekend coming up, next Monday being Memorial Day.

Lots of tourists will be visiting our area...and are welcome.  But if I wanted to see any vistas on the Blue Ridge, I'd better do it yesterday.  I did share the road already, with about 30 Harley Davidsons.

This overlook was nicely deserted.  The next one I tried was full of Harleys and had no room for me.

Right after the motorcycles left the tunnel, this lone bicycler came out, and I bet his ears had been deluged by the sound of all those motors!

I had luckily gone through the tunnel alone, put camera up in windshield for a moment, then pulled over to look at a small cascade and some wildflowers.  So glad I didn't back up all those motorcycles as I slowly wound down the Parkway.

Come over to my other blog, Living in Black Mountain for more of my vistas pursuits. 

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