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Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20 birthday of ancestor

Who, you may ask, is the ancestor that I missed posting happy birthday wishes for yesterday?

None other than the grandmother of Hannah Conn Booth, namely Hannah C. Gage Norman, who is 7 generations before my own.

She was born on April 20 in 1762 in Culpeper, Culpeper County, VA, and there married Isaac Norman in 1872. (See HERE and  also this post about her husband Isaac Norman.)  She may or may not have been related to General Gage from the Revolutionary War.

Here's a story that is listed at Ancestry about her:
"I believe that Hannah Gage's parents were David Gage and Esther Shipman.  David Gage was listed in the 1790 Rutherford Co., NC census on the same page with Isaac Norman, Hannah's husband, which indicates a connection of some kind.  I have not been able to prove that fact.
"Also, I know that Hannah and Isaac Norman lived in North Carolina because of a piece that was written about their grandson, Solomon Redman Norman:
"SOURCE: Kentucky: A History of the State. Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 6th ed.,1887,Spencer Co.
"SOLOMON R. NORMAN was born in Spencer County, Ky., in 1823, and is a son of Abner Norman, who at the age of four years came with his parents to Kentucky from North Carolina, in which latter State he was born in 1789. Abner's parents were Isaac and Hannah (Gage) Norman, and on their arrival in Kentucky settled on Elk Creek in Spencer County.  The father was of French descent, and the mother, Hannah Gage, was a relative of Gen. Gage, of Revolutionary fame, and of English descent."
"It was probably information of this type that led to the family "tradition" that Hannah Gage was a daughter of General Thomas Gage.  It was to prove this fact that I first got involved in family research many years ago.  I was not, or course, able to prove that falsehood, but got "hooked" on genealogy anyway!  Source: CarlaLeeLoveMaitland
Hannah Norman and her husband and children moved to North Carolina, back to Virginia, then to Kentucky.  That's why I've listed where each of the children were born below.

The census of 1790 in Rutherford, North Carolina lists Isaac Norman's household as, "2 males under 16, 1 male over 16, 2 females" (no age) You can see below that there were 4 children by the 1790 census in the family, 2 males, and 2 females.  I think there's a mistake, or maybe Hannah wasn't living at home at the time the census taker left her off this household, when she would have been 28 years old.  (Isaac Norman is in the second column, 7th from the bottom)

Their next child was born back in Virginia, so maybe they went home for some reason for the next 6 years (where Polly, Rebecca and Patsy were born.)  It's amazing how long lived these people were, except for my ancestor Polly Norman Conn who died at age 41.  It's also interesting that 3 of these  people died in 1866, perhaps from an epidemic.

Their 8 children are:
  • Lemuel Norman  born in Culpeper, Virginia,
    1785 – 1866
  • Elizabeth Norman Pound born in Culpeper, Virginia
    1787 – 1866
  • (Sarah) Esther Norman Akers born in Rutherford, North Carolina,
    1788 – 1867
  • Abner Norman born in Rutherford, North Carolina
    1789 – 1856
  • Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman Conn born in Culpeper, Virginia,
    1792 – 1833
  • Rebecca Norman Shaw born in Culpeper, Virginia
    1796 – 1866
  • Martha "Patsy" Norman Stout born in Culpeper, Virginia
    1798 – 1870
  • James H Norman born in Elk Creek, Spencer, Kentucky
    1805 – 1891
After her husband's death in 1828, Hannah Norman lived (as shown on 1840 census below) with her son Abner Norman, being checked as either the female age 70-80 or the one 80-90 on this census, line 11.  It's possible his wife's mother also lived with them, or another elder of the family.  This census was in 1840, and she died Feb 28, 1845, age 82.


She is buried next to her husband at Elk Creek Baptist Church.

The way Elk Creek Baptist Church looks today
This is the only photo that Ancestry shows of her tombstone, which seems pretty hard to read.

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