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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Selfies etc

Edited June 2014 removing Barbara's face.
-while visiting my son, Tai, and his partner, Kendra, in Bloomington, IN.  A week of COLD.

Granddaughter Shiva is gorgeous and sweet as any cat can be.

Tai enjoyed staying in bathrobe throughout Christmas Day.  We still ate like kings and queens, vegetarian style.

I drove just about a thousand miles this week, leaving home Mon. morning, and returning last night in the early evening.  No accidents, but 2 very slow traffic situations east of Knoxville which added a lot of boring time...and mostly polite travelers on the road.

Gratitude to the family that hosted my staying in their home while they were off for the holidays, thus affording me a way to not intrude on my son's tiny living situation.  Also lots of gratitude to Tai and Kendra for hosting my visit, which included great foods, an art museum tour, an Indian dinner, picture taking of the courthouse and lights, and seeing the clay department of IU where Tai is working on his MFA.

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