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Friday, September 13, 2013

Cayenne's birthday

Happy birthday...a card is in the mail, and here are some wonderful pictures of one of my favorite granddaughters. 

Of course we have to start with the most embarrassing ones...littlest one playing in sand in Clearwater!

Yep, there's a Pokemon in your life!

And here's another one!

How about a shakey grandmom's hand while singing Jingle Bells?

Much more recent with cousins Audrey and Caroline...great smiles all!

Do you remember when...?

You made the greatest mermaid!

Brother Will and Uncle Tai watching what...?

Oh mermaid again...

Will plus Michael equals some silly brothers.  Yes the rabbit ears were coming up soon!

The vacation when Will had no hair...stopped in Black Mountain and then on to the west...

Or how about New York adventure?


Audrey, & Kate, Will, Caroline, Cayenne,Aunt Michelle's cheek...and a video camera!

 Send more pictures (on FaceBook is fine!)

I'm very proud of you, Cayenne Kathleen!

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