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Friday, March 13, 2015

Digging into Ancestry for more matriarchs

I'm glad to not be an archeologist, who would literally get dirt under her fingernails. At least my digging is all digital and I'm glad to spend hours doing it.  The actual records are often available and very interesting, showing much more than the Ancestry highlight often.

We've been looking at my grandmother's line Ada Swasey Rogers, with a lot of her ancestors from New England. Are there any more that go back 12 or 13 generations?

Remember 10)Ammi Ayers and her husband 10) Samuel Swasey?  Their son, 9) Joseph Swasey married 9) Mary Bowers.  Let's go up to the top the branches of her family tree today.

At the top there's 13) Iwerner Minster, (b. 1570 in First (Manby), Lincolnshire, England, d. 1659 in Manby Lincoln, Yorkshire, England.)  Iwerner is my eldest matriarch for today.

She married 13) Thomas Bowers in 1590 in First, Lincoln, England.  The name of a town may have been First, or that could have come through the Ancestry records somehow.  Since both Thomas and Iwerner have First before the towns, in different counties in England, I'm thinking it's how someone noted that these are our first ancestors. I'm sorry, I can't figure everything out today.

So I could look for Manby, Lincolnshire.  And then Manby Lincoln, Yorkshire.  These are not the same county again, and I can't persue it unfortunately.  I'm glad someone left records of their births and marriage and deaths.

13) Iwerner and Thomas Bowers had a son, 12) George Bowers, in 1590 in Manly, Lincolnshire, Eng.  And Iwerner died in 1659 in Manby Lincoln, Yorkshire, England as well. She is the first of my matriarchs that I've shared in this series who didn't even come to America.

12) George Bowers first married 12) Barbarie (Barbara) Smyth  (b.1596 in Braithwell, Yorkshire, England, d. 25 Mar 1644 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts)  They married in Braithwell, Eng. in 1614.  I did try to find information about Braithwell...
  • Braithwell Village taken from St James Church Tower Open Day June 11th 1994.
  • St James, Braithwell South Yorkshire
  • Braithwell Village taken from St James Church Tower Open Day June 11th 1994.
  • Braithwell Village taken from St James Church Tower Open Day June 11th 1994.

"Braithwell Facts

Interesting and historical facts about Braithwell.

Sorry, there are no facts about Braithwell."

 Well, apparently all the fun people moved away from Braithwell.  There must have been some good farming at any rate.

The  Bowers had one or two children in England, then their next children were born in Connecticut or Massachusetts.  Their son 11) Benanuell Bowers was born in 1627 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, and died on 28 May 1698 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

11) Benanuell Bowers married 11) Elizabeth Marie Dunster (1632-1692) and we'll follow her ancestors tomorrow. 

Their son 10) Jonathan Bowers (1673- 1750) was born in the American colonies, and he and his wife 10) Ann Sylvester (1669-1745) had a daughter, (9) Mary Bowers (1719-) who married 9) Joseph Swasey, (1714-1801) as mentioned above.

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