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Monday, December 8, 2014

That Protestant work ethic

Last night was the deadline to sign up for a Medicare plan for next year.
At least I hope the deadline was midnight...I only know the date.

So being a work before pleasure kind of woman...raised the proper way you know...I had to do that work before I could relax.

It wasn't easy, and I had notes and spread sheets comparing annual cost of doctors and drugs.  I finally decided, and then said, no let's look a bit further...what if I did that...

Then I was fed up with the whole thing.  Which tells me I'd better make a decision and just live with it.  The lessor evil.  None of the plans will give me my drugs, doctors visits and physical therapy at a reasonable cost that is like the last 7 years of my retirement.

They all will cost me more.  And in case you missed it, my cost of living increase in Social Security is a paltry 1.7% this year.

I would love to get 1.7% increase of a congressman's salary.   That would see me in great comfort all year long.  They are the ones who voted to give all us retired people that strange number to match the basically thousands of percents increase over nothing for drug beyond the cost of Medicare (last year) to now paying a monthly premium on top of the basic cost of Medicare.  I am not grateful for the way our elected representatives think they are saving someone money.  It's sure not me.

So the rich get richer.

The poor don't get as good of medical care (did they ever?) but have learned the values in their lives are not based upon dollars or material possessions. 

The things that are most worth-while in life haven't got a price tag on them. 

I'll be posting about the wonderful afternoon I had yesterday, which left me feeling really good and inspired!

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