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Monday, March 3, 2014

Three states easy breezy

Strange rust orange metal fences around Kingsport, TN

Climbing over and around mountains with blue skies and fluffy clouds
The view out Wendy Welch's store's front door in Big Stone Gap, VA
Welcome to Duffield, Duffield Daze, and Daniel Boone Heritage Trail...which includes an eagle perched on a pile of stones...lots of fun signs to look at, while being a passenger with a camera!

We got silly after 2 hours driving, and needed to stretch our legs.  Plus there was half a double wide mobile home taking up both of the lanes in front of us, going about 10 miles an hour.  Time to take a break and share smiles.

This ice is going to be around a while longer, I'm afraid.

I can't remember where NC left off and TN took over, then finally VA.  Fun trip of 2.5 hours drive each way.  And great weather too!

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