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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Then there was a Scottish connection too

Giles Fitz Rogers was the Rogers who came to America, and is a primary connection on my Family Tree of ancestors. 
Birth 1643 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
in 1672 he married
Lucille Rachel Eastham inWorchestershire, England
Death 1730 in Dunkirk, King and Queen, Virginia

Edinburgh Castle, 1930s

I am not sure of this history of Giles Fitz Rogers, because apparently his parents were born and died in England.

Village church, Scotland
But he is reputed to be the mariner who sailed to Virginia, returned to England to marry Lucille Eastham, then brought her back to Virginia where they raised their family.  Their son John Rogers is the connection through my family tree.
That tree would look something like this:

3) Barbara Rogers (Heym) (1942- living) (my children are generation 2)
4) George Rogers (1914-1985)
5) George Elmore Rogers, Sr. (1877-1960)
6) William Sandford Rogers (1850-1879)
7) George Washington Rogers (1820-1864)
8) Micajah Clack Rogers (1795-1873)
9) Rev. Elijah Rogers (1774-1841)
10) Henry Rogers (c.1741-c.1794)
11) George Rogers (1721-1802)
12) John Rogers (1683-1668)
13) Giles Fitz Rogers (1643-1730)

Stonehaven Kincardineshire, Scotland

Another leg of my tree, on my mother's side, takes me back through Ireland to Scotland.
So here's that branch...
3) Barbara Booth Rogers (Heym) (1942-living)
4) Mataley Mozelle Webb Munhall Rogers (1917-2003)
5) Albert (Bud) Webb (1891-1919)
6) Annie Elizabeth Williams Webb (1862-1942)
7) William T. Williams (1824-1898)
8) Nancy Hansford Williams (1796-1860)
9) Margaret Beattie Hansford (1762-1861)
10) Martha Tate Beatie
11) John Tait (1703-1730) and 11) Elizabeth Edward (1703 - ?)
12) James Tait (1670-1725) and 12) Agnes Clerk Tait (1669-1739)

I spoke of Rev. Thomas Hansford, and his wife Margaret Beattie Hansford, HERE.  Her parents were the Beatties of Ireland, and earlier than that, there was a Scottish connection.

Kirkdon of Maryculter Church

Her grandfather was John Tate, of  Maryculter, Kincardineshire, Scotland, who lived from 1703-1730.  Her grandmother, his wife, was Elizabeth Edward, born in 1703 in Kincardineshire, Scotland, where she died in an unknown year.  

Kincardineshire or The Mearns, on the north east coast of Scotland

Stone Circle, Kincardinshire, Scotland

Their daughter Martha Tate Beattie, was apparently born in Ireland in 1720, and she died in America.   There are some siblings of Martha Tate (or Tait) some of whom were born in Scotland, some in Ireland.

Balbegno Castle, Kencardenshire, Scoltand

Crofter's Cottage in Scotland

I follow the Tate's parents back through John Tate to his father James Tait, born in 1670 in Kincardineshire, Scotland, who died in 1725 in Labadoo, Convoy, Donegal, Ireland.  

Fisherwomen, Scotland

There are some interesting lists done by Root's Web World Connect Project HERE with many Tait's on the lists, including James Tait.

John's mother was Agnes Clerk Tait, born on 19 July, 1669, in Bendochy, Perthshire, Scotland.  It is believed she died at 70 in an unknown place, in 1739.  I don't have any information further back on their branch of the tree at this time.

Midlothian Scotland, St. Mary's, Dalkeith




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